15 Absolutely Absurd Inventions. What Were They Thinking?!

The Isolator

The Isolator, by Hugo Gernsback: a terrifying hood with an attached oxygen tank, for when you want to be really, really isolated. “Outside noises being eliminated, the worker can concentrate with ease upon the subject at hand.”

Wooden Swimsuits

Washington state, 1929

Hangover Mask

Radio Hat

Portable straw radio hat was made by an American inventor in 1931.

Bicycle Tire Swimming Aid

This group of teenagers in 1925 Germany seem pretty proud of their invention, a swimming aid made of bicycle tires.

Stroller Radio

This stroller, equipped with an antenna and loudspeaker, was intended to help soothe babies in public places.

Motorized Surfboard

The motorized surfboard, pictured in 1948, was an ideal platform upon which to casually stand around in a suit, smoking a cigarette. On the water.

Gas-Resistant Stroller

England, 1938

Glasses For Reading In Bed

Hamblin glasses, which are fitted with mirrors to enable the wearer to read while laying flat without lifting their arms, actually still exist.

Shower Hood

The shower hood: for those times when you want to preserve your hair and makeup in the shower, while looking as ridiculous as possible.

Amphibious Bicycle

Buoys used as bicycle wheels do not an amphibious vehicle make, but this guy tried with ‘Cyclomer‘ in Paris, 1932.

Electric Heated Jacket

This heated jacket from 1932 got its power from “electric contacts in the street,” whatever that means.

Pedestrian Scoop

It was thought that this scoop, mounted onto a vehicle in 1924 Paris, would reduce pedestrian casualties.

Snowstorm Mask

In 1939, a Montreal inventor decided that plastic beaks would make an effective snowstorm mask.

Baby Suspenders