20 Inappropriate Spelling Errors From Children That Show Their Innocence In A Hilarious Way!

20. Wishing a Happy Birthday to Kurt

19. Buzz comes in peace

18. Falling off a deck is just as dangerous

17. Teachers doing math is a good thing

16. *Whole family

15. Can’t Catch Me

14. Need to work on that word

13. Hint: he used to be president

12. He also cooks well, I’ve heard

11. I enjoy the beach too

10. T is for Tights. T-I-G-H-T-S

9. Thanks for the shirt, ma!

8. I will miss your house

7. Come With Me

6. I Love Santa

5. I Like Pencils

4. Virginia…Is For Lovers

3. Horses make you feel good

2. E is for Elephant, P is for Peanuts

1. Account

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