20 Photos That Prove Slovenia May Be The Most Beautiful Country You’ve Never Been To.

It’s the only country in all of the world that has ‘love’ in its name. And when you see its small cities and meet its friendly people, you too will fall in love!

The charming country of Slovenia

It’s a small country in the heart of Europe, but you’d be hard-pressed to find a place with more beautiful lakes and seashores…

…or more imposing mountains in the Alps.

The views of the cities are unparalleled

There are entire towns and villages chiseled into the sides of cliffs.

While the golden-hued farmlands are simply gorgeous.

Lakes and marshes abound

And the sea is never far from your reach

Summit the country’s most impressive peaks and look out at sunset

Or grab a bite at a quaint street cafe

The charmed country has remained in shrouded in mystery for years

But there is no longer any doubt as to its sheer beauty.

I would love to take a walk along one of these bridges.

Or even a stroll down one of these streets at night.

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