21 Reasons Why Your Mom Was Your First Friend, And Will Always Be Your Best Friend

From the time you were born, until the age you are now, there has always been one person totally invested in your happiness: your mother.

Evidenced by the fact that as a kid you never left her side (remember the tantrums you threw when the babysitter came?), your mom was truly your first and best friend.

She kept you entertained as a baby by playing with toys decades too young for her to enjoy. She picked you up from school every day to make sure she was the first to be updated on your life. And even now she still demands to know every single detail.

Tell us, is there any better friend than that?


All she wants in life is to provide for you, protect you and not forget to buy those juice packs that she knows you love the next time she goes to the store. A mom’s unconditional love is truly unmatched.

Where can you find someone who will appreciate your humor and remind you not to bite your nails? Who will do things for you without any benefit for herself? Where can one find such a selfless, genuinely kind person? Home.

Here are the 22 ways in which your mom was your first and is your best friend for life.

1. She always comes to your defense

When you were younger, this meant fighting your elementary school principal for not understanding your form of “advanced creative expression” during art class.

Now, she even boldly offers to talk to your boss after you’ve had a bad day at work (which is something you would never actually consider). Regardless, Mom’s power to use her words in your defense has never failed you.

2. She genuinely cares about what you’re doing with your life

Mom: What do you want for dinner tonight, love?
You: Gosh Mom, I can’t think about my future right now!

Mom always dreamed big for you.

3. She endured Disney in all forms just to see you happy

From the headache-inducing theme parks to the frequent in-store meltdowns (Why should you have to choose between Belle and Jasmine?), Mom indulged in your Disney obsession because she wanted to share in your happiness.

She still maintains that “Toy Story” is her favorite movie because it was the first one that you saw together. Awwww.

4. She’s the only one who cares if you wore a sweater

…Or brought an umbrella, or needed a tissue, or had a bad dream, or ate enough for dinner. Mom thinks about all the little stuff that has a big impact on your wellbeing. Without her, you’d probably still be wearing 5-year-old socks and surviving off stale cereal.

5. She’ll always try to “get it,” even when she doesn’t

You can’t fault Mom for being older and a little out-of-touch with your generation (despite her protests that she’s on Facebook and knows how to text).

In fact, her old school attitude is what keeps you grounded when you’re trying to explain Millennial-age practices like why the boy you’ve been hooking up with for a month still hasn’t taken you on a date.

She might not fully understand you (What are you two doing instead?!), but she still always tries to give you the best advice (You don’t need him).

6. She’ll always be the most fun person to get drunk with

Watching your mom get wasted is the parent-child equivalent of her watching you graduate from college — you’ve never felt prouder.

You enjoy seeing her cut loose and then listening to her spill all the family secrets to you. Plus, you finally have a shared hobby that doesn’t involve watching “The Bachelor.”

7. She’ll always give you the benefit of the doubt

Mom: Where did this crazy Bloomingdale’s charge come from?
You: It must have been that early birthday present you got me.
Mom: I am so thoughtful!

Indeed, Mom, you are.

8. She wants to see you succeed without any reward to herself

…Except maybe bragging rights at mahjong. There’s a reason she always made you do your homework — so that you would become a doctor/lawyer/CEO and she could drive around the neighborhood with a bumper sticker.

9. She makes you feel special

She’ll keep you on the phone for hours just to listen to the most trivial parts of your day. She’ll take the time to stock up on your favorite foods when you’re only coming home for a weekend.

She feels honored when you bring back your laundry for her to do. And duh, she’s been telling you that you were number one every single day since kindergarten.

10. She cares about your appearance more than you do

Mom was the first person to tell you not to get that terrible tattoo or fugly eyebrow ring. Of course, you didn’t listen and have since learned the hard way that mom does, in fact, always know best (except when it comes to those hideous Christmas sweaters).

11. She’ll celebrate your birthday more than her own

You might have been the one being born, but she’ll never forget who got you there. Your birthday doubles as the best moment in her life, so naturally she’s going to celebrate it even more than her own.

12. She’s the only person who knows how to shop for you

Mom was the first celebrity in your eyes. Her style has influenced your own as her closet was the first you ever raided (regardless of gender, you know you tried on Mom’s heels at least once).

Now, she’s the only woman in your life who buys you exactly what you want — even if it’s some extra toilet paper and plastic Tupperware.

13. She was with you every single time you did something stupid

…If only because Mom was your first phone call.

14. She’s seen it all

From your most embarrassing moments (like the time she had to bring you a change of underwear to school) to taking care of you when you’re grossly sick, you can really do anything in front of her and she won’t love you any less.

Sometimes it feels like Mom could rule the world because she’s been through it all.

15. She’s always down to split her meal with you

And then eat less of it because she’s suddenly really full. She really always wants the best for you, even when it’s just lunch.

16. She’ll listen to your petty problems and then give it to you straight

Mom has immense patience for practically everything you do, including your trivial drama.

Her therapy sessions don’t come without tough love, but then again, that’s why you go to her in the first place.

17. She won’t judge you for wearing your pajamas outside the house

But she’ll make sure you wash them before you (Heaven forbid!) get back into bed with the same pair on. #Priorities.

18. She wants to know the bad news, too

Mom is like a detective — she’ll figure out what’s wrong no matter how many times you tell her that “it’s nothing.” And even when you irrationally take it out on her, she’ll still hear you out.

19. She has stories that rival your stories

You may think you’re a total badass, but Mom will be quick to remind you that she’s way bad-asser. You ran a marathon to cure cancer? Mom walked the Brooklyn Bridge in a hippie protest.

You rocked out a Beyoncé concert? Mom grooved on the lawn at Woodstock. Don’t forget where you got that shining personality from (I got it from my momma! I got it from my momma!).

20. She loves to listen to you brag

Besides your grandma, your mom is the only other person who genuinely likes to hear about your extensive accomplishments, and won’t secretly hate you for it.

Even if it’s something as small as, “I made my own lunch today!” Mom wants to know about it.

21. You’ve inherited half of her genes

To Mom, this means that she has directly influenced your awesomeness and is most responsible for making you great. To you, this means you should be terrified of turning into her…

Just kidding, Mom. We love you.