222 Dogs In A Field… And It’s Not The Start Of A Bad Joke.

This might possibly be one of the happiest places on earth… The Golden Retriever Festival in Scotland.

When the event started, they had a total of 188 dogs show up, but at the last event they set a new record of a whopping 222 goldens from around the world!

This redefines the word “frolicking”


One little guy is probably really tired, for good reason!



I think they all should win 1st place

Make sure you really know what your dog looks like… or that he knows his own name 🙂


I can’t imagine what would happen if you threw a stick right now…


All dogs want some love <3

Now this is an event I’d love to go to 🙂 Just think how much fun those dogs are having with all the others. Share this adorable story!