23 Incredible Things That You Didn’t Learn In School…But That You’ll Be Really Glad to Know!

They say some of the most important things in life you don’t learn in school. That may be true, and here are 23 of them just for you!

1) How plants grow and find support

2) How ants walk

3) What a star being consumed by a black hole looks like

4) How chain links are made

5) Cheetahs rotate their tails to cancel rotation and improve torque while running

6) How dogs drink water

7) How Easter Island statues may have been walked out of quarry

8) Eggs stay solid underwater

9) A human face looks almost like a potato in the womb

10) A spring looks like this when it falls

11) Flying snakes exist. And you should run.

12) The gas sulphur hexaflouride lets this boat float on air

13) Boiling water in the air at -40 degrees

14) How a key works

15) How a ladybug flies

16) Linear momentum changing to angular momentum

17) An octupus with amazing camoflage

18) Cool trick for older computer monitors

19) How Pop-Tarts are made

20) Earth compared to the largest known star

21) The sun doesn’t set during an arctic summer

22) Proof of the Pythagorean theorem

23) Snake venom turns blood solid so it can’t flow

Incredible. How many new things did you learn? For me it was 23. Be sure to share this awesome knowledge with others by clicking below.