24 Ridiculously Cute And Inventive Ways To Announce Your Pregnancy. #2 Is TOO Adorable.

1. Channel your inner gamer.


2. Get the guard dogs ready.


3. Stage a dramatic scene.

4. Get into superhero-mode.


5. Star in your own film.


6. Just ask this guy.


7. Climb a tree with bae.

8. Or hit the coffee shop.


9. Get ready for the plague.


10. And the zombie apocalypse.


11. Show everyone how excited you are.



12. Show off your artistic skills.


13. Or you can share this subtle message.


14. Blow up balloons.


15. Utilize your groceries.


16. Or the child you already have.


17. Fulfill your geeky dreams.


18. Or use those trendy little coke cans.


19. Show off your kicks.

20. And mint chocolate chips.

21. Get ready to pop bottles.

22. And write on pumpkins.

23. Call upon the guy of your dreams.

24. Or the little sister you’ve always wanted.