25 Independent Dogs Who Don’t Need No Human

Who needs a human? These dogs are their own masters.

1. This pup can take himself on a walk, but thanks anyway.

2. “Get in your crate?” Girl, please.

3. This pup wishes you would stop being a backseat driver.

4. This yoga expert would like to show you why they call it “upward facing dog.”

5. This distinguished gentledog always knows how to clean up.

6. But this terrier knows that a TRULY cultured animal doesn’t leave any evidence in the first place.

7. This husky probably has more followers than you do on Instagram.

8. This puppy doesn’t care that you need to be at least 2 years old to use Facebook.

9. This dog is gonna teach this clueless human how it’s DONE.

10. This dog knows how to assist his helpless human in his time of need.

11. This pooch can help you see the light.

12. This lab will show you music that’s WAY better than whatever you were singing in the shower.

13. Going for a walk? Please. This furry guy wants to go for a bike ride instead.

14. This hefty guy will put Tony Hawk to shame.

15. This border collie prefers a more old-fashioned and eco-friendly mode of transportation.

16. This little furball is taking dental hygiene into her own paws.

17. They won’t just race you… they’ll CRUSH you.

18. This pug wants to know if she could please have some privacy.

19. Ricochet will out-surf any human out there and look flawless while doing it.

20. This pug is more than capable of pushing her own baby, thanks very much.

21. This golden is sick and tired of you letting the mail pile up for days at a time.

22. These two laugh at your pathetic duckface.

23. This bulldog has had a long day of belly rubs and would just like a moment to watch TV, please.

24. This lab would appreciate it if you would stop asking who’s a good boy and give him a moment to find the answer.

25. …Ok, this puppy might need you to be a spotter.