26 Breathtaking Images Of Rooftops That Will Make You Want To Visit And Never Leave. How Awesome Is #6?

I don’t think I’d ever go inside.

1. The Marina Bay Sands Hotel SkyPark has the best rooftop infinity pool

2. The rooftop bar at the ME Hotel in London

3. Really neat rooftop with a playground in Denmark

4. The Burj Al Arab in Dubai has the highest tennis court in the world.

5. It was only put on the helipad for a short time, but still awesome.

6. Rooftop movies in Perth, Australia

7. The rooftop pool and lounge at the Hotel Joule in Dallas, Texas

8. 1 Bligh Street in Sydney, Australia

9. The Grand Daddy Hotel in South Africa comes equipped with a silver bullet trailer.

10. The State Tower in Bangkok has two really amazing rooftop levels

11. Luna Rooftop Tapas Bar in Mexico

12. Pool with a view of Hong Kong on the roof of the Harbour Plaza Hotel

13. La Pedrera in Barcelona, Spain has elaborate chimneys and meandering stairways.

14. An old Fiat factory in Italy with a test track for a roof

15. Hotel Unique in São Paulo, Brazil

16. Rooftop soccer in Tokyo, Japan

17. Sri Panwa Hotel in Thailand

18. A permanent art piece titled Your Rainbow Panorama makes this one of the best rooftops in Denmark

19. The Brooklyn Grange is the biggest rooftop farm in the world spanning 65,000 sq. ft.

20. Cubo Penthouse in Melbourne, Australia

21. Four Seasons in Mumbai, India

22. 30 Rockerfeller Center in NYC

23. Grand Hotel Central in Barcelona, Spain

24. Chicago City Hall rooftop gardens

25. The Acros Fukuoka building in Japan

26. Le Panoramic Restaurant in France

Le Panoramic Restaurant in France