26 Needy Animals That Never Want To Leave Your Side

Can’t I get a little time to myself, jeez!

I’ll just join you in the bathroom

Is that for me?

I wanna surf too

Hey, I’m down here!

I will rub against you whether you like it or not

Where do you think you are going?

Showertime sadness

You closed the door, but I needed to see you

Get off the internet

I’ll never let go.

Why are you watching TV and not petting me?


Whatcha got there?

We must be in contact at all times

Aren’t I more important than video games?

Hey, you…I need a kiss

Let me in!

Remember me!

A way to snuggle and get work done

I will help you work from here

Good book?

Put that down…thank you

Getting your degree can wait

You are playing, but not with me? I am not pleased.