28 Vegetables That Wish They Were Something Else

You shouldn’t feel bad if you don’t like vegetables. Even some vegetables don’t want to be vegetables. This is too funny!

1. One very solemn eggplant

One very solemn eggplant

2. Sheep potato

Sheep potato

3. Rocky pepper

Rocky pepper

4. Ducky tomato

Ducky tomato

5. Potato foot!

Potato foot!

6. A suave radish.

A suave radish.

7. Terrified peppers!

Terrified peppers!

8. The cutest straw-bear-y ever.

The cutest straw-bear-y ever.

9. An intergalactic astronaut carrot.

An intergalactic astronaut carrot.

10. Exuberant eggplant!

Exuberant eggplant!

11. A raddish and a carrot in the hot tub together.

A raddish and a carrot in the hot tub together.

12. A goosey gourd

A goosey gourd

13. Devilish tomato

Devilish tomato

14. Teddy bear potato

Teddy bear potato

15. Penguin eggplant (or long-nosed eggplant!)

Penguin eggplant (or long-nosed eggplant!)

16. Hand carrot

Hand carrot

17. Duck gourd

Duck gourd

18. Bum potato

Bum potato

19. Running radish

Running radish

20. Tomato bunny

Tomato bunny

21. Fleece flower root man (talking on the phone?)

Fleece flower root man (talking on the phone?)

22. Valentine potatoes

Valentine potatoes

23. Penguin potato

Penguin potato

24. Bewitching parsnip

Bewitching parsnip

25. How you doin? broccoli

<em>How you doin?</em> broccoli

26. Heimlich carrots

Heimlich carrots

27. Emotional-hug carrots

Emotional-hug carrots

28. A very sinister onion

A very sinister onion

My favorite has to be the suave radish. So nonchalant! So charming!