29 Things Productive People DON’T Do


1. Worry about things they can’t control

2. Make to-do lists

3. Follow the news

4. Say yes to everyone 

5. Make goals

6. Believe everyone’s opinion is valid and needs to be heard

7. Listen to “advice” people say in passing

8. Care about being right

9. Try to convince people

10. Try to please everyone

11. Follow the crowd 

12. Criticize others

13. Gossip

14. Live in the past

15. Surround themselves with negative people 

16. Constantly complain 

17. Argue all the time

18. Afraid of prioritizing

19. Care about the vocal minority

20. Make excuses for themselves

21. Think rich people are evil

22. Compare themselves to others

23. Afraid to cut people out of their life

24. Respond to every email

25. Hold on to resentment

26. Try to change people.

27. Envy others

28. Afraid to cut their losses

29. Get involved in drama