50 Amazing Rare Photographs Of Celebrities

Billy Murray with a manly mustache
Harry Potter on the set of Harry Potter reading Harry Potter
Morgan Freeman
Michael Jordan after winning his 4th NBA title in honor of his dead father
Harrison Ford looking striking a pose
Sammy Davis Jr selfie
Kurt Cobain and a bitchin’ cat
Dr. Dre and the imitating Slim shadys
Tom Felton and Rupert Grint
MIchael Jackson and Paul Macartney
Beasties Boys and Billy Idol
Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone
Danny Devito on the set of Batman
Ghostbusters cast on set
Harry Houdini
Jackass cast
James Hetfield, Fred Durst, Marilyn Manson and Ozzy Osbourne
Brooke Shields and Robert Downey Jr
Muhammad Ali
Jean Reno and Natalie Portman
John and Julian Lennon
Leonard Nimoy getting his hair done
Robert Downey Jr playing piano
Patrick Stewart in a ball pit
Lord of the Rings cast
Mark Twain
Salvador dali jumping rope
Michael Jordan
Queen Elizabeth defending the country
Paul McCartney
Peter Dinklage walking a dog
PSY and Jackie Chan
Queen Elizabeth during WWII
Young Bill and Hilary Clinton
Kurt Cobain
John Cleese on the Holy Grail set
Steve Buscemi
Young Emma Watson
Salvador dali and his Anteater
Young Janet and Michael Jackson
Sean Connery
Kurt Cobain mug shot
Steve-o and Tommy Lee
Steven Hawking in the vomit comet
Sylvester Stallone
Sigourney Weaver on the Alien set
TIm Allen mug shot
Young Ice Cube
Obama and his grandfather