A Man Heard Crying Coming From A Trash Can… I’m So Glad He Decided To Look Inside.

Derek, a man from Brooklyn, was walking down the street one day when he heard meow-like cries for help coming from a nearby trash can. He went to explore it and what he found was that it was empty except for a small, knotted black trash bag. Derek reached in and tore the bag open. Lo and behold, there was a a kitten inside of it, barely alive.

The shelters and rescue centers were closed for the night so Derek nurtured the kitten, which he nicknamed Gina Fortunado, until the morning. The next day Gina was handed over to professionals who will raise her until she can be lovingly adopted…hopefully by Derek!

How anyone could be so heartless to throw a kitten into a trash can I’ll never know, but luckily there are plenty of good people like Derek around to lend a hand to those in need, no matter how small the creature.

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