Comedian Perfectly Impersonates The Drunk Girls We’ve All Partied With At Least Once

There’s no denying that women become different people when they drink. They lose their filter (if they ever had one), sometimes their phone, and usually their short term memory.

Blacking out is a regular occurrence and, honestly, some of them wouldn’t have it any other way regardless of how foolish it makes them look.

Well, Chris D’Elia is the f*cking tits in this video with his on point impersonation of drunk girls everywhere.

He made an epic observation that nothing matters to a drunk girl, and I really think he hit the nail on the head with that one. That, and the fact that girls can simply pull the trigger and keep on drinking without giving a sh*t.

This video is sure to make your day, but also might prompt you to re-evaluate all of the decisions you made over the weekend.

Don’t fret — I was right there with you.