Dog Owner Makes The Most Creative Images Of His Bull Terrier. You Have Never Seen Anything Like This.

Take a breather from all the cat videos you were exposed to today.

This pup is a fresh new star in the Internet world and we already can’t get enough of his adventurous images on Instagram. Jimmy Choo, the friendly bull terrier, finds himself in all sorts of unexpected situations thank to his owner’s creative skills and endless imagination.

Meet Jimmy Choo, the friendly bull terrier with a rather unexpected name for a dog.


According to his owner, Rafael Mantesso, the name was given by his ex-wife who was a stylist and loved Jimmy Choo’s footwear.


Mantesso says he didn’t like the name at first but now he’s got used to it.


Now Jimmy and Mantesso, who is the owner of a Brazilian restaurant and editor in chief of a gastronomy marketing site, make up a powerful creative team.


Mantesso told us that after divorce he was left in an empty house. Wanting to fill in the empty spaces, he started drawing and painting again.


Jimmy Choo was always there to watch Mantesso work, so it was natural thing for him to snap images of Jimmy interacting with his art.


Mantesso says Jimmy Choo is very energetic but he willingly helps his owner to realize his ideas.


This shot of Jimmy Choo singing in one of Mantesso’s favorites.


Asked about creativity, Mantesso told us that the best way to stay creative is to exercise creativity. Even by force.


He says he forces himself to create a new photo every day. The key is to observe the surroundings and seek inspiration in it.


Rafael Mantesso/Instagram


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