Every Week, 2 Anonymous Students Sneak Into A Classroom And Proceed To Blow Everyone’s Mind.

At the Columbus College of Art and Design, two rogue college students are creating quite a stir… but not by any normal means. They aren’t cheating or stealing, they are causing a creative riot. The anonymous duo, who go by the name Dangerdust, sneak into a classroom each week and create a masterpiece out of nothing but chalk.

The pair are both seniors in Advertising & Graphic Design, and they are probably busy with a larger than life course-load, but they still remain passionate about their weekly chalk art. These two create some of the most beautiful (and inspiring) art you’ll ever see.

The duo known as Dangerdust now have TwitterInstagram and Behance accounts. It’s uncertain whether they will ever reveal their true identities, or if they will be masked graphic crusaders like the famous Banksy. The only thing that is certain is that the world needs to see more art like this. Woah.

Share their chalkboards. They are amazing.