What This Family Built For Their Dog Is Completely Awesome. My Dog Is Super Jealous.

To help out their dog, this family decided to build a house for him under their stairs. They noticed that Jack, their dog, loved to hang out underneath items on the floor. Typically, most dogs instinctively like small crawl spaces for dens. They feel more secure that way.

Jack’s family was inspired by these posts on Pinterest, where people used the excess space under the stairs as a place for a doggy den. They made some measurements, gathered their tools (and dog) and got to work.

Now, Jack has a cozy den for himself where he can feel secure and comfortably rest. Not only that, but the cool “doghouse” design fills up the stairwell area nicely. Consider giving your family pet a room of their own (without sacrificing one of yours) by building a cool cubby for them.

This family did great work for Jack. Share their efforts with your friends!