F*ck My F*cking Life: Here Are 14 Things That Happen When You’re A Girl With A Cursing Problem

Thanks to my father, I have developed what could be referred to as “a colorful vocabulary.” Of course, this severely upsets my grandmother, as whenever we are at a family gathering, “f*cks” are just flying everywhere.

Sure, I’ve tried to curb this problem, but that usually just results in utter frustration and a plethora of inventive adjectives, verbs and nouns.

This language manifests itself in any and every aspect of my life, and as much as I’ve tried to change it, I can’t. Oh well, who the f*ck cares…

Here are all the things that happen when you are a female with a cursing problem.

1. Road rage is all too real


This has gotten so bad that your friends volunteer to drive in your place… even if that means driving your car for you.

2. The first date is one of your biggest challenges


Ugh, how am I supposed to be myself if I can’t be myself? This guy can’t know what I actually sound like in conversation until at least date five, or he’s going to run for the hills.

3. You basically invented the concept of talking “dirty”


Since every other word that escapes your lips is a variation of “f*cking sh*t.”

4. You have a completely different voice in front of your family


You can let your lips loose when you are around your friends, but you don’t want to air out your potty mouth around your poor grandmother, do you?

As much as you try to keep your conversation clean, you can’t help but have a few swear words slip out every now and then. Hey, you’re only human… it happens.

5. Parents hate you


You are that friend. Your friend’s parents don’t want their kid hanging out with because you are a “bad influence” with your somewhat colorful vocabulary.

Little do they know that their precious little girl is actually the blackout queen of the city.

6. You couldn’t go on reality television because you would just be one big censor



7. You can’t drink at weddings, professional networking events or, honestly, anywhere alcohol is served


The more alcohol that you ingest, the more curses that slip through your lips. This is never good in a professional setting, as you consistently ensure that you will have no networking opportunities… ever.

8. You have an aversion to soap in general


You are scarred for life because you spent the better part of your childhood having your mouth washed out with soap.

You get infuriated at restroom attendants who try and help you wash your hands. Isn’t this why you carry Purell in your purse? No? Just me? OK.

9. You can’t make public speeches


How are you supposed to sound inspired and encouraging if you can’t use your favorite words? How are you supposed to relate to the topic if you can’t really be yourself?

10. You wish you were one of those girls who abused the word “like” instead


There is nothing more annoying than people who insert the word “like” after every syllable, except maybe… you.

If people are more open to listening to that valley girl speak than they are to your stories, maybe an attitude adjustment is in order. Just kidding, f*ck that.

11. You have used the word f*ck as a verb, noun, intensifier, modifier, prefix, suffix, infix and adjective


You may not even be aware of what some of these terms mean, but chances are you’ve used the word “f*ck” in most of these senses before. Inventing new curses is your favorite pastime.

12. People warn you when small children are going to be around


The fact that you must be warned before being in the presence of youngsters seems like a problem in and of itself. But, hey, do you really expect anything else?

13. Acquaintances refer to you as that angry chick


If people don’t know you well enough to understand that cursing is just another part of your sparkling personality, they would just assume you were angry and rude. But guess what? That’s their f*cking problem, not yours.

14. You can’t be around your boss when dealing with stressful situations at work


Other than alcohol, stress is the only other thing that makes you curse more than a sailor. The more stress that you face on the regular, the more curses that escape from your mouth.