Guy Moves Into New Home And Finds This Super Creepy Attic. WHOA!

Stairs up into the attic space.

Storage.. with a door down at the very end..

Door from the outside.

Hard to tell, but the door is only 4 feet tall and a 1.5 feet across. A metal grate is fastened over the hole in the door.

Here’s a lamp for scale.

Sorry didn’t have a banana for scale…

Looking into the room.

It’s got a light built into it, and is painted light green.

Foam cot in creepy room.

There’s a foam pad along one side of the room.

Panoramic of room, shelves on one side, cot on the other. There’s a small window.

There aren’t neighbors close enough to hear someone yelling if they were in here…

Shelves in the corner, door closed.

The light, cot and closed door.

I can’t possibly think of a legitimate use for this room. Can you?

The view that someone locked in this room sees.

Metal grate on the inside and outside of the door. Ceiling at it’s highest is a little over 4 feet. This is too CREEPY, I can’t handle it!