Has The Loch Ness Monster Finally Been Found? This Satellite Photo Seems To Indicate So.

Satellite photo shows giant, monster-like biological shape at Loch Ness

Is that the Loch Ness monster in this satellite photo used by Apple Maps? Or at least somethingthat looks like a giant biological form underwater? It’s similar to the shape spotted in Google’s satellite imagery.

Could it really be an underwater creature, a long-forgotten aquatic dinosaur who can magically live for thousands of years?

According to Loch Ness “experts” Peter Thain and Andy Dixon, this can’t be anything else but the monster:

When Andy got in touch at the beginning of the year, we finally managed to locate a device that had the image on it and asked some boating experts to look at it. They confirmed that while it looks like a boat wake, it cannot be a boat as there is no hull or superstructure visible. This is confirmed by the fact that there are clear images of other boats in the pictures.

Of course, they seem to be conveniently unaware that these satellite photos get stitched together into bigger images, sometimes introducing artifacts. Or maybe it’s just an easter egg left by some Apple employee. You can check it out here (you need Apple Maps on OS X.) It looks to me like it could be just the trail of a ship in the lake.