He Chains Women To Shipwreck 75 Feet Below Sea Level For 1 Crazy Reason

Montreal based photographer Benjamin Von Wong left the studio and took to the coast of Bali to take these stunning and haunting images of models over 25m underwater in a sunken shipwreck. In his images, the models transform from simple free divers to enchanting mermaids wearing dresses by Bali-based designer Ali Charisma. But it wasn’t all glamorous – some of the models were roped to the shipwreck and had to breath 3-4 minutes at a time.  These images are unlike anything you’ve seen before!

None of the models were Photoshopped into the water but actually dove in themselves.

They had to actually dive underwater and hold their breath!

All of the models were experienced freedivers and sometimes had to hold their breath every 3-4 minutes.

Even though they were tied to the ship, other scuba divers were nearby to provide air.

Von Wong traded normal photo assistants for actual scuba divers and underwater photographers.

Behind the scenes of Von Wong’s underwater photo shoot

Because they weren’t in studio, they relied heavily on natural lighting and camera strobes.

It took seven divers to watch over the two models and run the photoshoot.

Yup. Actually tied down to a ship 25m underwater!

The featured dresses were from Bali-based international designer Ali Charisma.

Epic underwater photoshoot – The secret to success