He Only Has An 8% Chance Of Living, But He Made A Promise To His Daughter He Plans On Keeping.


“What does high risk mean?” Garth asked. His oncologist looked him in the eyes and responded… “You are going to die of this.” Garth is 44 years old and has been diagnosed with cancer three times since November 2011. Although he appears healthy today, statistics say he has an 8% chance of living past 5 years.


Garth has one daughter named Emma. He has been writing napkin notes for Emma’s lunch box since she was in the second grade. They are just a few words of encouragement, but in the busyness of their separate days at work and school, it’s a moment when they can connect. It’s a moment when Garth knows she is thinking about him.


Garth may die, but he will not let Emma eat lunch without that note. This is his promise to write one napkin note for every day of class Emma has until she graduates from high school. To date, he has completed 740 notes. 86 to go.

He’s almost there…

Garth and Emma

This is a picture of Garth and Emma at a father/daughter superhero dance. They didn’t win because Jedi were “not considered superheroes.” Emma was mad and I’d be too. Jedi’s are definitely superheroes… Garth has applied for trial treatments that may extend his life. I wish only the best for him. Fight the good fight. https://becauseisaidiwould.com/826notes