I Can’t Tell If These Are Dogs Or Humans… Either Way, I Can’t Stop Laughing. #16 LOL.

For some dogs, a life of naps, eating, and more naps simply isn’t exciting enough to make them feel like they’re making the most of their time on earth. No, these dogs have greater plans for themselves. They want to do the boring things we humans do on a regular basis. Stuff like reading, driving, and dressing our pets up like people. (Yawn.)

At least when they do it it’s interesting. Take a look!

1.) Working on the farm.

2.) Riding a bike around town.

3.) Celebrating a birthday.

4.) Finally redoing the backyard patio.

5.) Having a smoke.

6.) Riding the metro.

7.) Driving to go fetch the kids from swimming lessons.

8.) Graduating from high school.

9.) Paying its way through college.

10.) Mowing the lawn.

11.) Riding a horse.

12.) Getting a haircut.

13.) Reading some compelling literature.

14.) Playing soccer.

15.) Wearing Google Glass.

16.) Digging holes… deep holes.

17.) Dressing like a dad.

18.) Taking selfies.

19.) Altering a dress for Janice’s party.

20.) Working the ol’ 9 to 5.

21.) Calling grandma to thank them for the birthday gift.

22.) Getting all dressed up with nowhere to go.

23.) Hanging out at the beach.

24.) Working as a bartender so it can work on its novel during the daytime.

25.) Trying to tolerate cats.

I’m still not totally sure that these were in fact dogs and not people. Either way, I’d really like to rub their bellies! Share their advanced cuteness with others by clicking on the button below.