I Know Elephants Are Smart, But I’m Stunned By How This One Reacts To The Sound Of Music

At the Royal Elephant Kraal in Ayutthaya, Thailand, caretakers have noticed that Elephants’ moods at the vary throughout the day. In the cooler early evening before nightfall, they’re often in a more relaxed and playful mood.

Please note that the chain around Peter’s neck is flimsy, and it isn’t there to control him! It’s there so Pat can walk at Peter’s side and guide him occasionally around vehicles or other potentially harmful bull elephants on the way to bath and drink in the river, for instance. It’s not there to cause Peter any harm – just the opposite. According to Paul, who posted this awesome video, Peter hasn’t been trained to play piano. This is his spontaneous reaction to a piano during a brief encounter one evening between Peter and Paul Barton, a visiting pianist to the elephant Kraal where Peter lives.

See? Just about everyone can relate to the blues!