It May Look Like An Abandoned Building In Hell, But It’s Not… It’s Much, Much More Horrifying.

There are places in this “modern” world that are so backwards and dirty, they seem like they have been pulled straight from the Middle Ages. These pictures were taken of a hospital allegedly in Boyarkino village, Russia. It is not far from Moscow, a major city center, but what you will see here will make you sick.

The facility is obviously run-down, full of mold and bacteria. There can’t possibly be onesterile room in the entire hospital, yet people are forced to use it. They have no other choice.

Staying home would be better than entering this death trap.

If you’re ever traveling through rural areas of Russia, it might be a better idea to call a family doctor than to attempt using one of these hospitals. The Russian government spent millions of dollars on the 2014 Sochi Olympics, yet haven’t attempted to make facilities like this one up to any kind of code.

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