Look Close And You Will See What’s Really Going On. It’s Not What It Appears, But Still Insanely Awesome.

Meet Michael Paul Smith.

For over 25 years, he has been creating an imaginary world called “Elgin Park,” filled with scaled models of old cars. They’re 1/24th the size to be exact. He chooses appropriate surroundings for these models, and then uses his camera to capture the most realistic shot possible. The kind of shot that you have no idea is within a tiny world.

Here’s the best part: he does it all with a $200 point and shoot camera. Dive into his world below.

Michael admires a couple of his creations.

With the right perspective, this miniature town looks completely real.

But this is what it actually is.

Another shot that looks realistic.

But it’s not either.

As you can see, his fake world is completely convincing. And he’s only using a $200 camera.

A part of me wants to climb into the world he has created. I love the cars.

This is my favorite one.

Behind the scenes.

Here are a few more “perception” shots from his miniature creation.

This is proof that creativity always reigns above budget. His passion for Elgin Park is inspirational.

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