A Man Went Exploring And Found This Sketchy Abandoned Home. The Inside Really Freaked Me Out, Whoa!

The house was set back from the highway. It was obviously abandoned, which made me curious.

There were a lot of dictionaries, books on literacy, phonetics, and grammar.

Looks like that bucket really spilled the beans.

Vines had started to climb down the drapes, and into the house.

They crept across the floor, in some parts. This one was slowly making its way over to an old lace dress.

This was something that got me particularly excited. It’s a straw stuffed tiger toy. I have an affinity for old toys, so this was really neat to see.

This one, not so much.

One single boot, resting on a plank. I didn’t find the other.

I wonder what kind of fantastic things were cooked in this house.

I wonder what the cat’s name was.

There were dozens of trophies, all for dart tournaments. I’ve looked up the name, and the dart club, but haven’t found anything yet.

The dining room table. What a pretty, simplistic view.

Most of the drapes were tattered and torn. The wind took them in an oddly beautiful way, and made the frayed ends almost dance in the breeze.

This didn’t scare me, it actually upset me. I really enjoyed the lost beauty of the home, and I thought it was supremely sad that someone felt the need to vandalize the walls.

…and the vines continued to creep in.