This Might Be The Most Terrifying Thing In The World. I’m Shaking After Seeing This.

This is a krokodil house.

Krokodil—or desomorphine—is approximately 8x stronger than heroin, yet costs just a tenth of the price.

It’s also easily synthesized, even by amateur “chemists” from codeine, gasoline or paint thinner, iodine and red phosphorus.

The ingredients can be bought in any drug store (cough medicines, paracetamol, even certain kinds of eye drops).

The krokodil high lasts only 90-minutes, so there needs to be a “cook” working full time in a krokodil house.

The toxic chemicals in krokodil rots the flesh—and eventually even the bones—of its users.

Limb amputation is not uncommon, although such an occasion is usually not enough of an excuse to actually quit taking the drug.

Krokodil causes such horrific tissue damage that the life expectancy of a krokodil addict is but two to three years.