No, It’s Not Just A Kid Being Goofy. It’s Much, Much More Than That. You’ll See.

Autism is a frightening, invisible prison. It keeps children inside and isolates them from their families, friends and future lives. Not many people understand the condition or autistic people themselves, so a father by the name of Timothy Archibald wanted to change that. He and his son with autism, Elijah, worked together to create a series of photographs that stunned the world and raised autism awareness.

The 3 year-long series of photos are collected in a book called “Echolilia/Sometimes I Wonder.” Timothy hopes that people read it and learn more about autism and how to connect with people who have it, just like how the photographs helped him connect with his own son.

“We have challenges. But I do think he and I did form some small tether at the time we made these photographs that seems to help us along.”