No One Was Supposed To Take These Photos. Fortunately, One Brave Guy Took Them Anyway.

Most people know that North Korea is a frightening and strange country, but these photos from photographer Eric Lafforgue show an even darker side to the country that most people don’t know about. Eric has bravely explored North Korea six times, sneaking back photographic evidence of his trip.

He was able to get these photos out of the country by smuggling digital memory cards past the borders of the Communist country. It was dangerous, but we think well worth it. These are incredibly eye-opening.

The photos that Eric was able to sneak out of the country are stunning; the people of North Korea face so many hardships and fear their own government, but they are also fiercely loyal to their leader. It’s a strange combination of poverty, pride and heavy government influence.

Check out Eric’s photography website if you’d like to see more of his photos. It’s incredible that a country like North Korea still exists today. Share these stunning photos by clicking on the button below.