This Is One Of The WORST Stories I’ve Ever Heard. I Can’t Imagine How Scared This Guy Was.

Below is the story told by the victim of the most intense road rage I’ve ever heard. Calling it road rage however is really an understatement.


I was going 54 mph when he hit me here, it was hard enough to break my seat and throw me partially into the back seat.
The police and my insurance adjuster estimate he was going over 100 mph to be able to cause that much damage. The only thing that kept the trunk from completely folding in was an oversized subwoofer box, not the use I was intending but grateful none the less.
After hitting me he continued to chase me for about 5 miles repeatedly striking my car.
He cornered me in a lot when my car was on its last legs and rammed my front end so hard it cracked my engine block.
His front fender went over the hood/fender of my car.
He repeatedly tried to ram me into anything he could after hobbling my car. The police took over an hour to get to where I was. Once he disabled my car and fled, they never caught him and the truck he was in had stolen tags on it so they were never able to trace it.