So There’s A City In Russia Called Yakutsk. And If You Visit It Once, You’re NEVER Going To Forget It.

If your city has “yak” in its name, then you probably know you’re not in for a good (or warm) time. Yakutsk is the capital city of the Sakha Republic, Russia, located only 280 miles south of the Arctic Circle. That means that every single person that lives in Yakutsk has to survive subarctic temperatures.

Yakutsk has been recorded as the coldest city on earth… and has officially been recorded in my travel journal as the last place I would ever want to go.


The cold wild city is beautiful, but only the brave or adventurous dare travel there. Just staying in the hotels, you have to wear layers to bed. This place is never going on my bucket list, but I’ll be content to admire it from afar. On a beach. In the sun.

It’s certainly unique, though, so share it with others.