The 100 Most Ridiculous Things That Are Illegal In The United States


1) Bear wrestling matches are prohibited.

2) It’s a crime to harm yourself to avoid work.


3) You cannot sponsor a fake wrestling match.

4) While it is legal to shoot bears, waking a sleeping bear for the purpose of taking a photograph is prohibited.


5) Mine workers may not write obscene messages in toilet stalls.

6) It’s illegal to leave fishing poles unattended.


7) Electrocution of fish is prohibited.

8) Pinball machines cannot give more than 25 free games to a high scorer.


9) If a frog dies during a frog-jumping competition, it may not be eaten later on.

10) You must warn buyers if your house is thought to be haunted.


11) In Boulder, it’s illegal to roll a boulder on public property.

12) In Aspen, snowball fights are illegal.


13) It’s against to law to cut down a tree to hunt a racoon.

14) A bushel of potatoes must weigh exactly 150 pounds.


15) You can’t advertise by billboard a person’s marriage in another state.

16) It’s a crime to sell the hair of a dog.


17) In Broward County, it’s illegal for female hot dog stand attendants to wear g-strings.

18) In Miami, dancehall windows cannot be dirty.


19) Selling the tail of a squirrel is banned.

20) It’s a crime to move a trout from one lake to another.


21) It’s a crime to use imitation milk in a milkshake without warning.

22) In Maui County, you are subject to a fine if you are building an atomic bomb.


23) A restaurant cannot sell eggs from another state without warning.

24) You could face 30 days in jail if you sell flour that isn’t enriched with vitamins.



25) A seller of reptiles must advise the buyer not to kiss them.

26) Happy hours are not allowed.


27) It’s illegal to fish with your bare hands.

28) Stores cannot sell cold beer.


29) In this landlocked state, surfing while drunk is prohibited.

30) Children under ten may not shine shoes.


31) To modify the weather, you need a permit.

32) Restaurants serving margarine must post a warning sign.


33) It’s illegal to handle reptiles during church services.

34) All new lawyers must swear an oath to refrain from dueling.


35) If you are marching in the Mardi Gras Parade, you are banned from throwing fish.

36) At sports events, you may not insult or disparage the players.


37) It’s a crime to place green crabs next to soft-shell crabs.

38) You may not barter for a bear.


39) A person keeping a disorderly house can serve six months in jail.

40) You may not possess more than three turtles at a time.


41) Owning explosive golf balls is a crime.

42) Gift certificates must be good for at least seven years.


43) It’s a misdemeanor to swear in the name of God.

44) It’s a crime to use bad language in front of a woman.


45) You can’t hunt with a ferret.

46) One cannot sponsor a greased pig contest.


47) It’s illegal to challenge someone to a duel.

48) You may not steal an animal struck by a railroad car.


49) Pretending to be blind to get money is against the law.

50) It’s a crime to catch more than eight bullfrogs a day.


51) In Kalispell, all pool tables must be able to be viewed from the street outside a billiard hall where they are located.

52) Your water sprinkler may not get a passersby wet.


53) In Ogallala, it’s illegal to disturb public dirt.

54) In Lincoln, bowling alleys must be called Public Bowling Centers.


55) Hotel bed sheets must be at least 98 inches long.

56) You may not use obscene language in front of a dead body.

New Hampshire

57) You aren’t allowed to harvest seaweed at night.

58) It’s against the law to import wolves.

New Jersey

59) In Haddon Township, you can’t flirt with someone against their will.

60) In Patterson, an ice cream peddler may not be annoying.

New Mexico

61) Cloud modification without a permit is a crime.

62) It’s a crime to get on a ski lift while drunk.

New York

63) You can’t walk in public with an ice cream cone in your pocket on Sundays.

64) In New York City, butchers must grind hamburger meat in plain view of customers.

North Carolina

65) All garbage fed to a pig must be thoroughly cooked.

66) Checking into hotel rooms under a false name is a crime.

North Dakota

67) Falsely claiming to be married is a crime.

68) Kangaroo boxing is a crime.


69) Splashing water while fishing with a net is a crime.

70) It is illegal to disrobe in front of a man’s portrait.


71) You can’t use a yo-yo to fish.

72) It’s illegal to break into a prison.


73) Hunting in cemeteries is not allowed.

74) It’s a crime to possess more than two undeployed car airbags.


75) In Harrisburg, you can’t wear lead nipple shields.

76) A fortuneteller can’t charge money to try to shorten someone’s life.

Rhode Island

77) You aren’t allowed to wrap a freshly caught fish in newspaper.

78) Stealing stone walls is a crime.

South Carolina

79) You need a permit to paint with turkey feathers.

80) Fishing with dynamite is prohibited.

South Dakota

81) Shooting animals from airplanes is a crime.

82) In Deadwood, casinos may not hang signs that say “Casino.”


83) Importing skunks is not allowed.

84) In Nashville, roller skaters must proceed in single file.


85) It is illegal to take more than three sips of beer at a time while standing.

86) You are not allowed to fish from a bridge.


87) Drunk-driving laws do not apply if you are riding an animal.

88) “Look no hands” while riding a bike isn’t allowed. You must keep at least one hand on the handlebar.


89) In Middlebury, more than one person cannot ride on a skateboard at a time.

90) Use of foreign fats in dairy products is prohibited.


91) It’s unlawful to cast a spotlight on a hen house that causes the poultry to panic.

92) Realising more than 50 balloons per hour is not allowed.


93) In Everett, you cannot display a hypnotized person in a store window.

94) In Bremerton, you may not throw garbage into someone else’s container.

West Virginia

95) An unmarried couple living together can be sent to jail.

96) You’ve heard of no drinking and driving, but in West Virginia it’s also no drinking and skiing.


97) Livestock have the right of way on highways.

98) Cheddar cheese must be “highly pleasing.”


99) Opening a gate and not closing it is a crime.

100) It’s like shooting fish in a barrel…not in Wyoming where shooting fish is not allowed.