The 13 Most Disturbing Movies Of All Time

The Devils – 1971 (Ken Russell)

Story of sexually repressed nuns with disturbed wishes. Blood everywhere, grief and horror bound when they slaughter a priest with Ku Klux Klan looking clothes.

Enter The Void – 2009 (Gaspar Noé)

The film is a great psychedelic trip with an air of voyeurism. A close view shows the rotten and demented side of the human being. I wouldn’t watch it alone or before bed.

Lilya Forever – 2002 (Lukas Moodysson)

Story of a girl who is wronged all the time. Abandoned by her mother and raped by anyone that comes near her, the girl ends up prostituting herself.

Eareserhead – 1977 (David Lynch)

Lynchianism, mutilation, deformity, psychological torture, sums this film up.

Human Centipede 1 and 2

You all know how fucked up this shit is.

Salò, 120 Days of Sodom – 1975 (Pier Paolo Pasolini)

A group of teenagers arrested by fascists, spend their holiday in a castle. No fun involved.

Antichrist – 2009 (Lars Von Trier)

If you could make the exact opposite of a Disney classic, this would be it

Cannibal Holocaust – 1980 (Ruggero Deodato

Recorded in the Amazon, the film deals with a group of researchers who will study a cannibal tribe. Sickly, researchers go to great lengths to show a horrendous picture (not that they survive …). The film was accused of being snuff (actual murder scenes).

Un chien andalou – 1929 ( Luis BunuelSalvador Dalí)

Salvador Dalí in collaboration with Luis Bunuel. The plot is not chronological and has several hidden meanings.

Repulsion – 1965 (Roman Polanski)

You know Polanski is fucked up. This film will make you never want to be alone again. A young Catherine Denueve goes crazy when left alone.

A Serbian Film – 2010 (Srđan Spasojević)

The plot: a retired porn star gets a million dollar proposal: make a film in which he really rapes and kills people. (It was considered to have real murder in it.)

Caligula – 1979 (Tinto Brass)

Most realistic film of ancient roman shit.

I Spit On Your Grave – 1978 (Steven R. Monroe)

A woman goes to live in the woods alone, and is raped. She returns and kills every mother fuckin’ one in the most horrible ways. (There’s a recent remake out there.)