The 20 Most Ridiculous Google Search Results Ever. Seriously, #9?

But why would anyone Google “traumatized by goat?!”

It’s kind of cool that “Google” has become a verb. It makes sense: as a tool, Google’s search has become an indispensable part of the lives of millions of people. Although Google processes search logic with amazing efficiency, sometimes it can take things just a BIT literally…and the results are hilarious.


“Wet fart.”

“Sea horse.”

“Kate Middelton topless.”

“Snoop lion.”

“Missionary position.”

“Hot Chinese Mustard.”

“Olivia Wilde boobs.”

“Traumatized by goat.”

“Definition of swag.”

“Majestic creature.”

“Noble steed.”

“To the internet!”

“Not porn.”

“Nick Cage as a baby.”

“Guitar Solo.”

“Best picture ever.”


“Photoshop at its best.”

“Badass guitar.”


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