The 25 Types Of People You See At Every College Party

1. The Antisocial Couple

2. Deep Convo Spiraler

3. The Singer

4. The Professional Beer Pong Player

5. Overdressed Fancies

6. The Chick Who Immediately Gets Wasted And Proceeds To Cry/Whine About Her Life For The Next 3 Hours

7. The Playlist Hijacker

8. The One Who Awkwardly Hits On Everyone

9. The Scallywag

10. The Douchebag Who Brought His Guitar

11. The Scavenger

12. The Drunk Paparazzo

13. The Person Who Wants To Go To IHOP (or Waffle House)

14. The One Who Could Puke At Any Second

15. The Guy That’s Mean Muggin’ Everyone, Waiting For A “Wrong Stare”

16. The People That Tell Everyone They Want To Dance

17. The Sleeper

18. Stealth Hookup-ers

19. The Designated Driver Who Is Ready To Leave

20. The Creative Drinker

21. The One Who Dressed Weird for No Reason

22. The Marijuana Crusader

23. The “I Love You, Man” Person

24. The Aggressive Shot Pusher

25. AND The Friendzoner