The 29 Tiniest “Boops” Of All Time. This Is Officially My New Favorite Thing.

Hugs and kisses are overrated. If you really love someone, give them a well-deserved boop.

1. The Off Button Boop

2. The Bedtime Boop

3. The Boop Of Death

4. The Forewarned Boop

5. The Attack Boop

7. The First Boop

8. The Alarm Clock Boop

9. The Extended Boop

10. The Baby Boop

11. The Super Soft Boop

12. The Interspecies Boop

13. The Reciprocated Boop

14. The Boop That Never Was

15. The Bunny Boop

16. The Itty Bitty Boop

17. The Ferocious Boop

18. The Beluga Boop

19. The Tongue Boop

20. The Most Anticipated Boop Of All Time

21. The Friendship Boop

23. The Bear Cub Boop

24. The Boop Of Both Worlds

25. The Mama Boop

26. The Jack In The Boop

27. The Piggy Boop

28. The Boooooooooooop

29. The Boop To End All Boops

The Boop To End All Boops