The 34 Most Amazing Places to Pitch A Tent Around The World

Home is wherever the tent sits.

At Mount Everest Base Camp, Nepal

Though there are technically two base camps on the North and South faces of Everest, both demand a grueling trek of about 17,000-17,500 feet of Everest’s total 29,029 feet.

​At Lake Alaudin, Tajikistan

​On a glacier in McCarthy, Alaska

​Near Parque Nacional de Aiguestortes, Spain

One of Spain’s best kept secrets, little information is available about the National Park to tourists once in Spain, though the word on the street is that the lake is gorgeous, and the trails manageable for the whole family.

​In the Sahara Desert, outside Morocco

​At Paa, Nepal

​In a tree an Waldseilgarten, Germany

Part of a larger mountain adventure resort that also offers igloo stays and campgrounds suspended off the sides of cliffs, hanging from tree canopies in Waldseilgarten seems like the most reasonable place to put a tent by comparison.

​It Simien National Park, Ethiopa

​At the base of Mount Whitney, California

​At Big Allo Lake, Tajikistan

The gorgeous and lesser known Fann Mountain region of Tajikistan is chock-full of nature’s beauty, including a hundred peaks, and scores of serene lakes to set up camp by.

​In the deserts of Anza Borrego State Park, California

​By Muddy Lake, Tajikistan

​Along the Inca Trail, Peru

The classic five-day trek from Cusco to Machu Picchu snakes through villages, forests, and ruins over its incredible 26 mile stretch.

​At Crater Lake, Oregon

​Under the aurora at the Boreal Forest, Canada

​At Mount Rainier National Park, Washington

The gorgeous 236,831 acres of America’s 5th National Park contain glaciers, volcanoes, and everything in-between.

​At Sahale Glacier Camp, Washington

​Along a lake at Joffre Lakes, Canada

​At Cordillera Blanca, Peru

The incredible frozen wasteland of Peru’s “White Range” is notable chunk of the Andes, and contains the “World’s Most Beautiful Mountain” from 1966 (The Alpamayo).

​Taking a break in Chimtarga, Tajikistan

​At Jökulsárlón, Iceland

​Near the Fann Mountains, Tajikistan

​At Joshua Tree National Park, California

This awe-inspiring park in Southern California stretches to an area larger than the state of Rhode Island, and spans the Mojave and Colorado deserts.

​At Ross Lake National Recreation Area, Washington

​At Canyonland National Park, Utah

​At Minchin Cove, Newfoundland

​At Homer Bay, Alaska

​At Glacier National Park, Montana

​In British Columbia, Canada

​At Arches National Park, Utah

So-named for the roughly 2,000 sandstone arches found there, Arches National Park is about a 9 hour drive Northeast from the Grand Canyon on the Colorado river, and a necessary stop on your next cross-country road trip.

​At Santa Cruz, California

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