The 38 Most Important Moments In A Dog’s Life

You’ll never forget the first day you get your puppy and all the new experiences you share together.

First accidental nap (On the way home from the shelter)

First intentional nap

First bed & breakfast

First time pickin’ up a lady

First yoga lesson

First time trying on clothes #shoptilyoudrop

First real job

First fast food run

First autumn!

First snow!

First belly rubs

First swim lesson

Still gotta learn the doggy padle

First cuddles

First hiccup

First time getting in trouble

First time going to the vet (not pleased with the human)

First time being ridiculously photogenic

First time being not so photogenic

First time meeting grandpa

First wiggle

First time keeping the human company while he poops

First time being a bad boy

First time discovering the wonders of the “ball”

First bath. Not so excited 🙁

First time meeting the old man of the house, who is not exactly thrilled

First time meeting the cat of the house, who also isn’t thrilled

First attempt at going up the stairs

First attempt at going down the stairs

First time conquering the stairs

First time at the playground. Super fun!

Well not always

First time caught doing something suspicious

First awkward photo

First time demanding to play

First driving lesson

First walk (but this human is so slow to get ready)

First meal at home is tiring

First favorite toy

First contact with a mini human

First time realizing that not everything is edible

First time learning to catch

First sunset

First time passing out from way too much fun

First time sleeping in her own bed…she’ll grow into it