The Most Horrible Thing Happened To This Father, But The Compassion Showed By The Internet Is Truly Inspiring.

This touching and tragic story serves to remind us of just how much kindness and compassion there is in the world. When Ohio father Nathan Steffel’s daughter Sophia passed away only six weeks after her birth due to medical complications, he requested on Reddit that someone alter her photo to remove her medical tubing. Because she had spent her entire short life in the hospital, he had no photos of her without it. The response by Reddit’s users was touching and overwhelming.

Little Sophia passed away only six weeks after her birth. She spent her entire short life in the hospital

The only photos that her father, Nathan Steffel, had of her were covered in medical tubing, so he asked Reddit’s users to remove them using Photoshop

Reddit’s artists and Photoshoppers responded overwhelmingly, sending Steffel their condolences and different interpretations of Sophia’s photo

Steffel explained that Sophia had succumbed to a hepatic hemangioma in her liver

Some artists even created pencil drawings or paintings of Sophia, emailing or mailing them to Steffel

There were hundreds of responses, all by people who wanted to take some time to help Steffel mourn his loss