These 15 People Built Entire Homes Using Just a $2,000 Shipping Container. #4 Looks Like Modern Luxury!

That dreamhouse you wanted is a lot less expensive than you thought!

1) Wide open spaces

2) Simple and perfectly blue

3) Spacious – and a great view

4) What?!

5) Perfect log cabin

6) Gets the job done

7) You can still see the shipping containers in this one

8) And a sliding garage door too?

9) Looks pretty fierce

10) Shipping containers still very visible

11) This one’s got everything you need

12) Indoor pool, please!

13) An eco-friendly shipping container

14) Stacks upon stacks

15) Wouldn’t mind the setting here

These are all so inspiring. They prove that for just $2,000 you can get started on a dreamhouse. Share this message with others by clicking below.