These 22 Rare Photos Of Audrey Hepburn Reveal Her Playful Side

The late, great actress, fashion icon, and philanthropist Audrey Hepburn has graced both the big screen and fashion magazine covers in her day. Images of the legendary star are still admired today, yet there are many photos of the beautifully elegant woman that we’ve rarely been exposed to. Luckily, Best Movies by Farr has compiled a marvelous collection of candid photos of the beloved star that celebrate her grace and iconic style, while simultaneously offering a behind the scenes glimpse of her goofy, fun-loving, motherly, and all-around charming self.

Don’t you just love her Funny Face?

Cooling down with some friends and a block of ice on the roof of the Cambridge Theater in London, 1949.



A water sprite in “Ondine” — for which she won a Tony,  1953.

A water sprite in “Ondine” — for which she won a Tony,  1953.

Post-Academy Award win, 1954.

Learning the gavotte for her role in “War and Peace,”  1955.

Sharing some laughs with new husband, Mel Ferrer.  Married in 1954.

Bundled up with first husband, Mel Ferrer.

Audrey with her pet deer, Pippin.

Audrey playing with her first son, Sean. (James Garner in the background.)

Shooting publicity stills for “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,”  1961.

In Givenchy, 1964.

Amused by a soaking wet Albert Finney on the set of “Two for the Road,” (1967).

New York,  1967.