These 28 Foods REALLY Don’t Want You To Eat Them. #17… LOL!

These distraught faces are almost enough to make you feel guilty for eating them. Almost.

1. “B-b-but…b-b-b-b-but… I thought we were friends.”

2. This eggplant knew this day was coming.

3. But these peppers were caught by surprise.

4. This carrot is holding on for dear life.

5. This vegetable is getting out as fast as he can.

6. These eggs want to know why you’re licking your lips.

7. This potato doesn’t wanna be a fry.

8. This noodle wants to know HOW COULD YOU?

9. This banana’s puppy dog eyes can’t save it now.

10. This cake doesn’t understand what’s so sweet about murder.

11. This buckwheat didn’t think today would be its last.

12. This cookie doesn’t understand how it wronged you.

13. This candy bar was expecting something much more pleasant when you took off its wrapper.

14. The top part of this vegetable doesn’t understand what the bottom part is so excited about.

15. This pepper has been BETRAYED.

16. This pickle is just now realizing what you have in store for it.

17. This hot cocoa thought you were better than this.

18. This pie is closing its eyes and preparing for the inevitable.

19. This pasta was hoping you weren’t like the others.

20. This Oreo just realized what that glass of milk is for.

21. This coconut doesn’t want to get cracked open, you monster.

22. How about a nice bowl of Spaghetti O-God-Whys?

23. This cheese thinks veganism is a much better option for you.

24. This drink thinks maybe you should sober up before making such rash decisions.

25. This apple knew this day was coming, but it doesn’t make it any easier.

26. This bread knows that you two could find a compromise.

27. This turkey thought that these things only happened in horror movies.

28. But this onion looks death in the face with a smile, knowing that you will weep as you cut him to pieces