They Just Broke The Marriage Record. But How They Started Is What Shocked Me.

John and Ann Betar’s relationship was based on something that lasts forever: true love. They were best friends, living near each other as they grew up. John was the boy across the street that stole Ann’s heart. Then, they eloped together in a whirlwind ceremony before Ann could be married to another man, causing fights among their families. Their dramatic marriage could have taken place in any classic romance, but it wasn’t just romantic fluff. It lasted so long and their love was so pure, they are now known as America’s longest married couple, about to celebrate their 81st anniversary.

Together, they raised five children and they have 14 grandchildren and 16 great-grandchildren. Their oldest daughter is 80 (as Ann is 98 and John is 102). In the past few years, they lost both a son and daughter to cancer, something a parent should never have to live through.

But their love keeps them strong.