This Artist Wants To Ruin Your Life. Just Imagine Using These 13 Products And You’ll See What I Mean.

Katerina Kamprani is an Athens-based architect whose design project, “The Uncomfortable,” intentionally evokes feelings of extreme discomfort and frustration. Described on Kamprani’s Facebook page as “a collection of deliberately inconvenient every day objects,” that “has no meaningful purpose.” Suffice it to say, we were intrigued.

Just seeing this stuff will make you feel uncomfortable.

This will ruin your morning coffee.


This can’t even water itself.


Last seen in the waiting rooms in Hell.


Uncomfortable candlestick.


A pocket full of these might push you over the edge.


Perfect for hail and hating your life.


We wish you a miserable Christmas.


Try to look sophisticated drinking out of this.


I hope you like boiling water melting the flesh from your forearms.


This is just sadistic.


Dinner is served…in HELL.


I’d wear this so I could throw it through a window.




Part of the discomfort comes from trying to imagine using these projects. It sheds some light on the connections between motor skill and the brain. Looking at these objects feels like an error message has been delivered to the nervous system: it creates the most delicious malaise and disquiet.

Naturally you should share the frustration with your friends.