This Artist’s Illusions Are Intoxicating. You Will Be Stunned.

You’ll start to question reality in the best possible way.

Erik Johnasson is an photographer from Sweden. He doesn’t satisfy himself with beautiful landscapes or sunsets…oh no. Instead, his work plays with perspective, visual puns, and turns images of the mundane into surreal, dream-like masterpieces. He explains it best himself when he says, “I use photography as a way of collecting material to realize the ideas in my mind.” Enjoy.


“The Cover Up.”

“Let’s Leave.”

“Drifting Away.”

“Diamond in the rough.”

“Breaking Up.”

“Expecting Winter.”


“Cut & Fold.”

“Set Them Free.”

“Angry Ants.”

“End of Line.”

“Cutting Light.”

“Electric Guitar.”

“Snow cover.”

“Reverse oposites.”

“Self actualization.”

“Helping fall.”

“Revolving theory.”

“Big laundry day.”

“Fresh frozen fish.”


“Intersecting planes.”

“Common sense crossing.”

“Aqua custodia.”

“Zip city.”

“Revelation fields.”

“Nightmare perspective.”

“Vertical turn.”

“Deep impact.”

“The downside of the upside.”

“Twisted seasons.”

“Arms break, vases don’t.”

“Impossible escape.”

“Utan gränser.”

“Deep cuts.”


“Melting point.”

“Roadworker’s coffee break.”

“Fishy island.”

“Face vs. Fist.”

“Wet dreams on open waters.”


“Stryktlig/Iron Man.”

“A painting too real.”

“Vanlig frukost.”

“Go your own road.”

“Perspective squarecase.”

“Swedish air house.”

“Question architecture.”



“Anlagd översvämning”

“Lazy dog.”


“Penrose Lego.”

“När han trodde han sett allt.”

“Work at Sea.”

Erik Johansson has many of these astounding and beautiful images for sale as prints on his site, which has other wonderful examples of his work. If you loved these, please share this article with your friends.