This Guy Hilariously Recreates Girls’ Tinder Profile Pics And The Internet Can’t Get Enough

Tinder’s success is mind-boggling. Still, there are guys like Jarrod Allen using Tinder with no romantic intentions. This witty Australian, widely known as Tindafella, is making the Internet laugh by re-enacting profile pictures.

Allen told us he doesn’t generally like Tinder and finds it weird.

Apparently, this photo was the starter for Allen. While sitting in his friend’s car, he stumbled upon this girl’s duck tape-like eyebrows — and the rest is history.

To get the best shot, Allen often relies on his friends, sister, cousin or anyone he can grab at the time.

He says that so far the response has been flattering, “Nearly everyone sees the funny side of it.. It’s all for a bit of a laugh, no malice in any of them.”

Surprisingly, Allen says he doesn’t even like using Tinder.

“I find the whole meeting a stranger on the Internet a bit weird. I like to use the old school approach and actually walk up to a girl in person and talk to them,” says Allen.

Allen’s favorite shot required 6 liters of ice cold milk and ended in a 3 minute vision loss. Totally worth it.