This Guy’s Dad Hadn’t Been In His Shed For 2 Years. When He Opened It Up… OMG!

Imagine walking to your wooden shed in the late afternoon. The sun is setting and the shadows are beginning to blur together. You haven’t been inside the shed for a couple of years, but you need a few tools that you have tucked away inside. You brush away the cobwebs and slowly pry the door open… only to find what seems like an unholy horror waiting inside.

That’s exactly what happened to one Reddit user’s father. And it’s way worse then you could ever imagine.

The face had one been a wooden sculpture that was left in the shed. Over the years, it was reduced to rotting wood, hollowed out eyes and a mouth, wide open in what can only be a scream. According to the comment thread on the original post, someone has already offered to buy the hornet-made sculpture, so long as the nest is completely empty.

Imagine having that hanging in your living room. This is one image you have to share with others.