This Guy’s Roommate Left Him With A Complete Mess. What He Did In Return Is Totally Awesome.

Having a roommate can be tricky business. You’re basically living in close quarters with a friend (or even a stranger) and mutually promising not to be a terrible person. Sometimes, rooming situations can be wonderful. At other times? Not so great.

One guy’s roommate decided to flee this apartment and his rental agreement without giving warning. He stiffed his old roommates on his portion of the rent, but that’s not all.

Although losing a roommate (and losing money because of it) can be bad news, painting this mural and re-vamping the apartment was worth the heartache. You might not be able to believe it, but this is the first attempt at a mural this Reddit user ever made.

What a wonderful idea this is! Using a projector, a transparent sheet and an image is a great way to sketch out a mural on the wall. Share this awesome process by clicking below.